Terms and Conditions


actforhumanity.org is an official multilingual website managed by Aksi Cepat Tanggap Foundation (ACT). ACT is a legal entity in the form of a foundation that carries out activities in the fields of handling humanitarian disasters (natural and social disasters), environmental programs, health programs, economic empowerment, distribution of zakat, qurban, waqf, renovation and construction of schools, clinics, public facilities, social infrastructure, and various other programs in Indonesia and abroad through raising public donations and/or managing social funds for business actors.

Site User Responsibilities

  1. Mandatory to declare himself as someone who is capable in the eyes of the law so that he can be responsible for all actions that are negligence and/or violations of the terms and conditions of using the Site.

  2. Mandatory to provide data and information correctly, not misleading, and/or falsification.

  3. Must obey all forms of rules regarding all terms & conditions as well as policies that have been made by the ACT


  1. It is prohibited to provide and/or order other parties to provide data or information that is not true, as well as falsify data or information from other parties.

  2. It is prohibited to do and/or instruct other parties to take any action that may cause a violation of part or all of the intellectual property rights of the Site Manager or other Site Users.

  3. It is forbidden to do and/or instruct other parties to take any action that can damage, disrupt, or limit the system on the Site.

  4. It is forbidden to do and/or order other parties to take any action that is against the law, violates decency, or violates the rights of the Manager or the rights of other Site Users.


Visitors are obliged to:

  1. Examine all information regarding fundraising ideas and/or campaigns contained on the Site before providing support and donating.

  2. Do not provide false and/or misleading additional information on all pages, links, and various other forms of media from a fundraising campaign on the Indonesiadermawan.id website

  3. Responsible for the donations that have been distributed and aware of the consequences that Indonesiadermawan.id as part of Aksi Cepat Tanggap may not be able to partially or fully implement the campaign and/or the previously promised rewards/rewards on the campaign.

  4. Not to do money laundering and/or use money from sources that are not legally valid in donating money to support ideas and/or fundraising campaigns on the Site.

  5. Approving donations that enter Indonesiadermawan.id without using a unique code and not confirming will be recorded as general donations.

  6. Approving the payment transaction using the Transfer method, overpayment due to the addition of a Transfer ID will be considered as a donation.


Manager Terms and Conditions

  1. Managers are obliged to maintain the trust of alms as well as possible and manage alms funds for the benefit of the people

  2. Managers have the right to cross subsidize between programs by allocating alms funds from one program to other programs

  3. The manager has the right to manage a portion of the fundraising proceeds for operational needs